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Personal Meetings

Marriage have been in vogue since medieval times, in some mediators like pandits, 'maharaj', relatives, friends, well wishers or some special ceremony like Shaadi (weddings). But now in 21st century, the new generation do not want to go by the original theory of meetings regarding the marriage which we typically call "Arranged Marriages". Nowadays both brides and grooms have the wider choice for arranged love marriage. This needs a professional touch like, education, similarity, looks, intellectual, style of living, family etc.

PRIYA SHAH, has personally met each candidate and parents and gives a right opinion for the right partner. Through the online matrimonial web sites you can't get true/right reference of the other person but with the help of a mediator like Priya Shah, you can be sure of a well cultured, educated, like-minded person that could be the most suitable for you.

Personal Meetings

The Marriages of India

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